Stats for Sex Segregation

"Propensity to Sexually Offend"

i) female ii) male iii) transgender populations of England & Wales

Comparative study for an objective measure of "Propensity to Sexually Offend" (PTSO ) of three populations i) female ii) male & iii) "transgender" (both sexes)

Based on: UK Govt Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Sexual & Violent Offender Statistics for England & Wales (2001-2020)

> 96% of prison popn - MALE

MOJ OMS-Q 1950-2020

> 99% of sexual offenders - MALE

MOJ OMS-Q 2001-21

80% 'transgender' prison popn: MALE

4 yr average 2017- 2018 - 2019 - 2021

Public domain: 1 sexually offending transmen

in the six YEARS since March 2016

That when compared the "propensity to sexually offend" of the transgender population (both sexes*) was

35-94 times HIGHER than

that of the baseline FEMALE population of England & Wales and

somewhat below the 110-122 measure of PTSO for the male population.

transgender population (both sexes): the UK MOJ & GEO do not dis-aggregate the Transgender sexual offender population by sex ie transwomen: transmen


There is not only no basis for the placement of transwomen (transgender males) into the female prison estate, but also unless or until the MOJ and prison authorities dis-aggregate transgender violent and sexual offender statistics, there is considerable question as to whether transmen (transgender females) should be housed in the female prison estate either.

"If it aint equal and opposite, how exactly is it equal?"

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