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ie the best GLOBAL measure currently.

3,2,1... triangulate these three "statistics" & see the results - 2 or even 1 is good all 3 is fabulous!

1) "From 2012-22, 99% of the sentenced sexual offenders in the European Union were MALE."

The word 'sentenced' is important ie "guilty beyond all reasonable doubt", which makes women & girls 'guilty unless proven innocent'.

2) "90% of the sexually offended against are FEMALE." 

UK ONS '18 | Canada Stats '23 | Eurostats '17 | Australia ABS '23

3) "Less than 2% of all rapes result in a conviction." Rape attrition - the Sex Justice Deficit

 Jolyon Maugham (then QC) The Spectator (4 May 2018)

NB: "Sexually offended against" is a bit clunky but it is factual, perpetrator, perpetrated against.

Among rape survivors/victims, this can cause a lot of hurt. So many of us, so many different stories, that the words we choose to describe ourselves are important in defining an event that only we know about. If one did not die, survivor may be more important, for another the legal term "victim" describes how they feel about that event. Scientific statistics need to be descriptive, not emotion laden, not hurtful most of all to those who have been subjected to such experiences. If statistics are not sensitive to those who have been sexually offended against, then what is the point of them?

Campaigning Postcards

The UK version of these have worked really well. They are super for having by the front door when people come to ask for your vote, or for sending to MPs, Senators & councillors or... 

Just the latest politicians, personality, broadcaster who has mad you cross!

As we say "A postcard a day keeps the transborg at bay" and anyone in any even remote location can just upload graphics to a Vistaprint type website, order the number you want and they will be delivered to your door. No international postage and no associated carbon emissions!

And I can't stop you altering the reverse graphic but remember the numbers are nothing without the exemplar statistical statement and every word counts! Also remember you need the graphic in CMYK format otherwise it won't work!

Philanthropist & early English prison reformer. 

Women's Declaration International: Feminist Question Time - Sat, 27 Aug 2022

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