KEY Findings

> 96% of prison popn - MALE


> 99% of sexual offenders - MALE

MOJ OMS-Q 2001-20

80% 'transgender' prison popn: MALE

3 yr average 2017- 2018 - 2019

Any sexually offending transmen (female)?


There is not only no basis for the placement of transwomen (transgender males) into the female prison estate, but also unless or until the MOJ and prison authorities dis-aggregate transgender violent and sexual offender statistics, there is considerable question as to whether transmen (transgender females) should be housed in the female prison estate either.

"If it aint equal and opposite, how exactly is it equal?"

KEY Statistical Findings

Statistical Finding #1: "Propensity to Sexually Offend" Ratio for populations (England & Wales): 1 female | 35-94 transgender - both sexes | 119 male.

Statistical Finding #2: Between 2001-2021, was the proportion of MALE sexual offenders was at every data collection at or above 99% of the sexually offending population. Tables of those offended against by female sexual offenders revealed that these were never offences against adult males.

Statistical Finding #3: It is possible from this study to subscribe to the hypothesis that Transmen are men in that transmen (transgender females TGFs), the part of the male population that does not sexually offend against anyone, therefore transmen (transgender females) as a population observe female pattern sexual offending. While the transgender sexual offender total is NOT dis-aggregated by sex, a notable absence of sexually offending by transmen suggests that unless the MOJ chooses to publish evidence to the contrary, it must be assumed that 99% of the "in-transition no GRC" prison population are MALE ie

Statistical Finding #4: At least 80% of the "in-transition no GRC" prison population is male according to HMPPS Offender Equality Reports (2017, 2018 & 2019). While the raw number of transgender (in-transition, NO GRC) offenders has risen annually, as one might expect according to greater confidence in the prison authorities dealing appropriately with such a disclosure, there is a very clear and consistent sex differential of 80%. Given the public concern, if the MOJ have evidence to the contrary ie that transmen are men and transwomen are indeed women, why wouldn't the MOJ have produced that to set this contentious and divisive matter to rest.

Narrative Finding: Statistics VITAL for the protection of women and girls (female for the avoidance of doubt) collected but not analysed nor applied.

With the sorrow and shame of both the Minister of Justice, Robert Buckland QC MP and Home Secretary Priti Patel MP, recorded at the publication of the "End-to-End Rape Review" (18 June 2021) and frequent protestations of seriousness by government ministers including the Prime Minister in relation to the rape and killing of Sarah Everard, the inaccessibility and absence of reporting of the overwhelmingly uni-directional character of rape & sexual offences, in which more than 99% of sexual offenders are male and 88-90% of those sexually offended against are FEMALE, is sub-optimal.

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