UK Govt Stats for absolute SEX Segregation

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...a succession of compounding detriments for female population.

> 96% of prison popn - MALE

MOJ OMS-Q 2001-20

> 99% of sexual offenders - MALE

MOJ OMS-Q 2001-20

80% 'transgender' prison popn: MALE

3 yr average 2017- 2018 - 2019

Transgender Sexual Offenders - compared to FEMALE population

BTW: Any sexually offending transmen (female) in whole transgender stats period since 31 March 2016?

“Propensity to Sexually Offend” for England & Wales (2008-2020)

1 Female | 35-94 'transgender' | 119 Male Sexual Offenders

on average in the 12 years since 2008-09 Source: UK Ministry of Justice Statistics (2001-2020)

MOJ definition of 'transgender' = "in-transition" but without Gender Recognition Certificate

Sexual offender* - serving custodial sentences for one or more sexual offences - ie convicted to the test of "beyond ALL reasonable doubt"

Statistical, evidential statements you can make to support ALL sex-segregated spaces.

in letters to MPs, FOIs & built into petitions...

GLOSSARY of suggested terminology - "Trans-" is a prefix not an adjective but it is funky & cool & attractive to children & young people

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