2015-16 HMPPS Offender Equalities Report

"transgender" means "in transition and recognised by prison authorities as being so it excludes offenders with GRCs!

"In 2015-16, the 1st year of transgender statistics, 74.3% of all "in-transition, no GRC" offenders were MALE (transwomen)."

Screen capture from 2015-16 HMPPS Offender Equalities Report - "gender" -this term is not defined, what we know is they have no GRC

It was the top part on which Fair Play For Women based their brilliant report of October 2017 "Half of all transgender offenders are sexual of violent offenders".

2015-16 HMPPS Offender Equalities Report: Derivation of percentage: 52/70 = 74.3% (30 Nov 2017)

Statistically accurate statement: "In 2015-16, at least 74.3% (52/70) 'in-transition no GRC' offenders were MALE." This figure does not include the four who "did not state" (DNS) their "gender" nor did it include offenders with GRCs (of either sex).

Statistical Cautions

  • "DNS" - "did not state" ie no indication of bio-sex, the term 'gender' is not defined but terms female and male describe biological sex.

  • this 70 total does NOT include offenders with GRCs (the only legal evidence of transgender status), it is very unlikely to be 50:50 male to female.

  • On both "DNS" and "GRC" I assume a similar 80% | 18% male: female, which will take that 79% (rounded up to 80%) figure higher and even closer the 96% male prison population ie a measure of male criminality and further from the 3.9% female prison population ie a measure of female criminality.

  • NB: Ministry of Justice is the UK ministry most involved with all things legal and judicial, there is no definition of "gender" or "legal gender", legal or otherwise.

  • The only objective evidence of transgender status is the Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) administered by the same MOJ's "Gender Recognition Panel" (GRP). It is therefore a very strange basis for excluding prison inmates with GRCs from the "transgender" total.

      • i) transphobic & disrespectful as it fails to recognise the unique life journey of transgender people

      • ii) Safe-guarding failure for inmates with GRCs failure - in the light of assertions of pervasive transphobia

      • iii)Safe-guarding failure for separation of inmates with male genitalia from female prisoners within the female prison estate....according to all the assertions of the MOJ & HMPPS.

Statistical CAUTION: The MOJ definition of "transgender" means "in-transition and recognised by the prison authorities as genuinely 'transgender' but NO GRC

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