2017-18 HMPPS Offender Equalities Report

"transgender" means "in transition and recognised by prison authorities as being so it excludes offenders with GRCs!

"In 2017-18, 79.9% of all "in-transition, no GRC" offenders were MALE (transwomen)." ie very similar to 2016-17 & 2018-19

Screen capture from 2017-18 HMPPS Offender Equalities Report -"legal gender" there is no legal basis for this "legally" doubtful term!

2017-18 HMPPS Offender Equalities Report: Derivation of percentage: 111/139 = 79.9% (2 Nov 2018)

Statistically accurate statement: "In 2017-18, at least 79.9% (111/139) "in-transition no GRC" offenders were MALE. This figure does not who "did not state" (DNS) a "legal gender" nor did it include offenders with GRCs (of either sex).

Statistical Cautions

  • "DNS" - "did not state" ie no indication of bio-sex

  • this 111 total does NOT include offenders with GRCs (the only legal evidence of transgender status), it is very unlikely to be 50:50 male to female.

  • On both "DNS" and "GRC" I assume a similar 80% | 18% male: female, which will take that 79% (rounded up to 80%) figure higher and even closer the 96% male prison population ie a measure of male criminality and further from the 3.9% female prison population ie a measure of female criminality.

  • NB: Ministry of Justice is the UK ministry most involved with all things legal and judicial, there is no definition of "gender" or "legal gender", legal or otherwise.

  • The only objective evidence of transgender status is the Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) administered by the same MOJ's "Gender Recognition Panel" (GRP). It is therefore a very strange basis for excluding prison inmates with GRCs from the "transgender" total.

      • i) transphobic & disrespectful as it fails to recognise the unique life journey of transgender people

      • ii) Safe-guarding failure for inmates with GRCs failure - in the light of assertions of pervasive transphobia

      • iii)Safe-guarding failure for separation of inmates with male genitalia from female prisoners within the female prison estate....according to all the assertions of the MOJ & HMPPS.

Statistical CAUTION: The MOJ definition of "transgender" means "in-transition and recognised by the prison authorities as genuinely 'transgender' but NO GRC

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