HMPPS Offender Equalities Reports

reporting "transgender" statistics 2016-19

At least 80% 'transgender' inmates are MALE (transwomen) [2017-2018-2019]

Definition of a REAL Statistic = Numerical Value - with Precise description in Words to give total clarity of numerical value

HMPPS (Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service)

HMPPS Offender Equalities Reports have contained data collected on "transgender" (in-transition but no GRC) inmates since March/April data collection 2016 - reported 24 Nov 2016

2019-20 HMPPS Offender Equality Report (26 Nov 2020) - Covid 23 March, the week data collections due to start

2018-19 HMPPS Offender Equality Reports (latest 28 Nov 2019)

2017-18 HMPPS Offender Equality Report (29 Nov 2018)

2016-17 HMPPS Offender Equality Report (30 Nov 2017) - as used by BBC Surreality Check: Transgender Sexual Offenders (13 Aug 2018)

2015-16 HMPPS Offender Equality Report (24 Nov 2016)

previous incarnation of HMPPS was NOMS - National Offender Management System

Statistically accurate statement you can quote to MPs, MSPs, FOIs, NHS Trusts (Boards), Schools etc:

"at least 80% of all transgender offenders are MALE (transwomen)"

Source: MOJ |HMPPS 2017 - 2018 - 2019 (England & Wales)

UK Covid-19 Lock down coincided with March/April data collection dates ie no statistics for 2019-20

Statistical Caution: MOJ definition "transgender" means "in-transition but no GRC"

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