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Vocabulary and Grammar

Since men usually come first, transmen should go first, let accusations of transphobia should start to fly!

  • transmen (transgender females)... biological females who gender identify as men

who HMPPS & MOJ differentiate from biological males by keeping them in the female prison estate.

  • men... biological males who, don't gender identify as ... anything.

  • transwomen (transgender males)... biological males who gender identify as women.

  • women... biological females who, dont gender identify as ... anything.

  • Mis-gendering : transgender 'activists' inform us that mis-gendering is WRONG and very transphobic. As the convenor of the Employment Tribunal considering the Maya Forstater case ruled, what is sauce for the transgoose, is souce for the transgander and that apply -cis to someone without their consent is mis-gendering. So is applying a gender identity to the 99.25-99.7% of the UK population who dont gender identify OUT of their biological sex.

  • "legal gender" yes really! SVPh

  • According to MOJ-definition of "transgender" - a transgender person ceases to be transgender as soon as the Gender Recognition has printed their Gender Recognition Cert! (which requires zero hormonal or surgical intervention.

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