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Hansard (12 July 2021) Prisons: Gender Recognition UIN 31300 Show full question for Ministry of Justice Sir John Hayes - Conservative (South Holland & the Deepings)

Answered by Alex Chalk

MOJ (18 June 2021) End-to-End Rape Review

Independent (3 July 2021) Transwomen in female jails policy is lawful, High Court rules Celine Wadhera

Guardian (3 July 2021) Lawful to imprison male transwomen sex offenders in female jails, judge rules Haroon Siddique

BBC (2 July 2021) Transwomen in Female Prisons is Lawful, High Court ruling Eleanor Lawrie

Telegraph (2 July 2021) Housing transgender women in female prisons is lawful, court rules - Steve Bird

Daily Mail (2 July 2021) High Court rules male transwomen CAN go into female prisons - Rory Tingle

CCJS (2 July 2021) High Court ruling on male prisoners in women's prisons - Director Richard Garside

Hansard (19 May 2021) Written Answer from Lucy Frazer QC MP Minister for Prisons

Hansard (11 May 2021) Parliamentary Question by Dr Matthew Offord MP (Hendon)

ONS: (21 March 2021) UK Census 2021 Question 27 "Gender Identity"

FPFW 17 March 2021 Fair Play For Women wins High Court challenge and judge orders sex must not be self-identified in the Census

Guardian (9 March 2021) Guidance on sex question in census must be changed, high court rules Alexandra Topping

FPFW (20 Feb 2021) Legal grounds: Fair Play For Women v The Office For National Statistics

Daily Mail (3 March 2021) 'Trans-' prisoners (not transmen obvs!) 'shouldn't be allowed on female wings because they are disproportionately likely to commit sexual assaults on women', High Court - Dan Smales

Telegraph (3 March 2021) Female prisoners at greater risk of sexual assault by transgender inmates, High Court hears (not transmen obvs!) - Gabriella Swerling

MoJ policy challenged by prisoner who claims she was sexually assaulted by a transwoman (transgender male) behind bars.

MOJ Offender Management Statistics – Quarterly (29 Jan 2021) - most recently published

Received by the MOJ on 15 March 2021 according to Royal Mail docket with signature from within the MOJ


UK GEO (22 Sept 2020) Liz Truss MP Minister for Women & Equalities Written Statement UIN HCWS462

ONS (18 March 2020) "the nature" Sexual offences in England and Wales: year ending 31 March 2020 CBD CHANGED TITLE!

CHANGED! FOI to ONS: Dual Meaning of "Nature ie Natural" may be problematic,the word 'penetrative' a bit full on for a title likely to be accessed by survivors & victims (IICSA 2015 & Hansard (4 Feb 2015)

They listened!


B&H News (9 Dec 2019) Hospital apologises to rape survivor for branding her request for same-sex breast-screening medic as transphobic

The Times (9 Dec 2019) Patient branded transphobic after asking for female medic - Nicholas Hellen

The Christian Institute (11 Dec 2019) Rape survivor branded ‘transphobic’ for requesting female doctor

Mumsnet A woman who asked for her NHS breast-screening to be carried out by a female-born clinician was pilloried as a transphobe by a hospital trust

The Times - Nicholas Hellen (3 Nov 2019) Female prisoner takes government to court after alleged assault by transgender inmate (not transmen obvs!)

2018 - GRA Consultation 1 July - 31 Oct

MOJ (HMPPS 25 May 2018) ‘Naming Conventions’ Section 3 p 8 of HMPPS Records & Retention Policy - supplied by Lucy Frazer QC MP to a constituent following a meeting in Ely on 1st February 2019

UK (GEO) (30 June 2018) 200-500,000 (so called) "trans-" people in the UK - CBD: i) the same day as the ONS population estimates, a fluke but maximum comparability!

ii) GIRES (Gender Identity Research & Education Service) removed their estimate of 1 million (UK) from their website.

So called "Trans-": “Trans-” is a grammatical qualifier in the English language Trans-Siberian Railway [Autism of HIGH Functioning variety of author might be implied in that statement.]

BBC Reality Check (13 Aug 2018) How many… sexually offending… transgender inmates are there?

James Kirkup (15 Aug 2018) “Is the BBC running scared on the transgender debate?” The Spectator

Clare B Dimyon MBE [LGBT] (14 Sept 2018) Transwomen Sexual Offenders: Closer Analysis of MoJ Statistics

Clare B Dimyon MBE [LGBT] (27 Sept 2018) BBC Reality Check - Bias: Isn't 60 sexually offending transgender inmates more than half 111 female sexual offenders, from transgender population, a tiny fraction of the total female population?

David Gauke MP Minister of Justice (19 Oct 2018) Priority must be on the safety of women sic, when placing transgender prisoners sic - "Karen White" a safe-guarding failure not a systemic failure The Guardian

Rape Crisis (England & Wales) Statistics: 1 in 5 women ct 1 in 25 men "sexually assaulted" (care needs to be taken about the conglomeration of offences, I intend no doubt just clarification of terminology) since their 16th birthday. As derived from British Crime Survey - year ending 31 March 2017

ONS (8 Feb 2018) Sexual Offences in England & Wales: year ending March 2017 as derived from British Crime Survey - year ending 31 March 2017

ONS MOJ HO (10 Jan 2013) An Overview of Sexual Violence in England & Wales


Hansard (24 Jan 2017) Transgender Prisoners - Volume 620 Carolyn Harris (Swansea East) (Lab)

HMCIP (Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons) (2016-17) HMCIP Prison Inspect Reports (PIRs)

FPFW (Nov 2017) Investigation into number of ‘trans-identifying males’ (transwomen) in prison England & Wales

Eurostats (23 Nov 2017) Sexual Offences in the European Union


HMPPS (Nov 2016) Review on the Care & Management of Transgender Prisoners


Hansard (4 Feb 2015) CSA Inquiry: The importance of sensitive use of language in relation to survivors as well as victims of rape & sexual violence/abuse - Exchange between Theresa May MP & Caroline Lucas MP

Dr James Barrett (20 Aug 2015) Written Evidence to the Chair of Select Committee Women & Equalities

HoC Committee Women & Equalities 8 Dec 2015 Transgender Equality First Report of Session 2015–16

Hansard (15 Dec 2015) Transgender Prisoners Volume 603 Cat Smith (Lancaster and Fleetwood) (Lab)





HMPPS (14 March 2011) The Care & Management of Transsexual Prisoners

Cecilia Dhejne et al (22 Feb 2011) Cohort Study in Sweden: Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex(sic) Reassignment Surgery


UNHCR (1984) UNHCR Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (1984)


Clarity on Biological SEX

BBC Health - Dominic Hughes (2019) Inequalities in heart attack care 'costing women's lives'

The Lancet (8 Dec 2018) "Sex - biological and immutable, gender a social construct" in "Gender-Questioning Children Deserve Better Science"

Pink News (13 Sept 2019) Lovers of Modena: Roman Lovers of Modena were men (gay)

BBC (12 Sept 2019) Lovers of Modena skeletons holding hands were both men

2 or three other archaelogical digs to 1 million years

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